Kallenbach Guitars

Making of...

Parts for building a Steelstring Guitar

Two Alpine Spruce Parts for the Soundboard (Top)

Joined Makassar-Ebony Back

Paua Inlay work in the Soundhole Rosette

Back sanded to proper thickness and trimmed

The so called "Four Poster Bed", a glue asisstant

Soundboard with headblock Tailblock and braces. Notice the Pre-War Style Canvas reinforced crosspoint.

Fixing & glueing the Headblock.
Preperation for installing the curved sides


The installed curved sides

leveling the depth of the body

mounted kerfed linings

fixing & glueing the back braces

joining the back to the body

body before routing the binding channels
routing work done

binding channel detail

preparing for Neckjoint & Tail inlays

Body bindings

Detail: Tail inlay

Raw Material for building a One Piece Neck

Genuine Honduras Mahogany

Building the One Piece Neck & routing the Trussrod channel

Adjusting the Neckjoint



Cutting & Carving the neck
Headstock Binding

Assembling the neckparts

Headstock Veneer & Fretboard Standard:
selected black Ebony

Fretboard binding works

Installing the frets

Drilling the tuner holes

Assembled for final adjustments

Measuring the Bridge placement

Preparing for laquer finish